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※The introduced character data in this book goes up to chapter #691 (10th October)
So it covers volumes 44 to 71, not including the last ten chapters (691-700). That's the reason why Naruto's age is still given as 16, even though he becomes 17 in chapter 691.

Table of Contents (Highlighted means it's part of Konoha's 100 Leaves Collection. You can see what that is on pages 017 and 229 in the databook)
Naruto best scene (p. 001)
Shinobi Section (p. 013)
Having Long Time Traditions - The Ninja Clans From All Over the Ninja World (p. 017)
Now... Five Villages Have Become One! The Shinobi Alliance's 80000 Man's Power Graph (p. 020)
The Remnants of "Ne", That Lurks in Konohagakure's Shadows (p. 023)
Left at Various Places - Parts of Kaguya Otsutsuki (p. 025)
The Legend of the "Ruined Country's" Crest Handed Down in Konohagakure (p. 036)
Supporting the Shinobi's Missions - Konoha's Special Forces (p. 065)
Having Close Relations - The Connection of Countries and Their Villages (p. 074)
Reaching to the Mysterious World - "Sages" - The Three Secret Regions (p. 079)
The Shadows and Traditions Handed Down In All Villages - Konohagakure Volume (p. 125)
The Shadows and Traditions Handed Down In All Villages - Sunagakure Volume (p. 130)
The Shadows and Traditions Handed Down In All Villages - Iwagakure Volume (p. 133)
The Shadows and Traditions Handed Down In All Villages - Kirigakure Volume (p. 137)
The Shadows and Traditions Handed Down In All Villages - Kumogakure Volume (p. 142)
Changes to Match the Mission - Shinobi Attire - Winter Method (p. 158)
The Father of the Third Hokage, Hiruzen - His Name is Sasuke Sarutobi (p. 161)
A Furious Mind - Mizukage Mei - Record of Mistaken Thoughts (p. 185)
Protected by Samurai -- Inviolable by Shinobi - The Land of Iron (p. 188)
Chūnin Selection Exam - The Changes of 24 Years (p. 199)

Leader in Fashion Ino Yamanaka Presents! The Scathing Shinobi Fashion Check!! (p. 214)
Shinobi Well-Informed Record (p. 215)
Secret Notes of the Birth of Ninjutsu (p. 216)
Tailed Beasts Shinobi World History (p. 220)
History of the Fourth Great Ninja World War (p. 222)
Yin-Yang Release Techniques (p. 226)
Technique Section (p. 227)
A Battle With the Pride on the Line!? Naruto vs Konohamaru (p. 229)
Blessing and Compensation - Forbidden Techniques -The Reasons- (p. 235)
Their Predecessor's Legend Leading the Uchiha - The Secret of the Naka Shrine (p. 240)
The Island Turtle Carried On the Back - The Animal Kingdom (p. 243)
They Awaken Through Transcending a Tragedy - "Mangekyo Sharingan" -Their Patterns- (p. 248)
Grotesque Figures - Rampaging Personalities - Cursed Seals -That Power's Origin- (p. 265)
Inherited From the Teacher to the Disciple - The Secret of the Birth of Hiden Ninjutsu (p. 270)
Releasing The Soul of the Shackled Death - "Edo Tensei" Release Method (p. 276)
"Moving" Is the Basis of a Rare Species' Art - The Way to "Sagehood" (p. 281) [TN: Totally clueless about this]
Drawing Out the Tailed Beast's Power - B's and Naruto's Tailed Beast Training (p. 286)
The Fellow Shinobi's Assistance Has Brought Forth a New Power - "Cooperation Ninjutsu" -The Power of Bonds- (p. 289)
The Technology That Supports Shinobis! "Ninja World Civilization" -The Essence of Techniques- (p. 296)
Immeasurable Power Hidden In the Six Paths Sacred Treasures - The Legendary Weapons Handed Down In Kumogakure (p. 313)
The Secret Technique That Shines at the Battlefield "Samurai" -Sharpening Swords- (p. 329)

Naruto Character & Jutsu Introduction Index (p. 330)
Killer B Recommend! Best Rhyme!! (p. 340)
"Road to Naruto the Movie" (p. 341)
"Road to Naruto the Movie" commentary (p. 344)
Art of "Road to Ninja - Naruto the Movie" (p. 376)
Masashi Kishimoto-sensei X First Editor Mr. Kōsuke Yahagi Interview (p. 378)
Ninja Identification Tag (p. 388)

p. 15 - Aoda

Aoda (アオ ダ )

Kana: アオダ
Databook romanisation: AODA


Ninja registration number:
Birthday: 1st October (? years old, Libra)
Height: ? cm Weight: ? kg Blood type: ?
Personality: Simple

↑ By weavingly making progress through the gaps between waiting enemies, it easily broke through the center of the enemy's lines!!

How [can I serve you? or so], Sasuke-sama

Boldly pushing forward without shaking, serving its master with loyalty, a calm and level-headed great python snake!

A big snake that lives in the Dragon Earth Cave and was summoned by Sasuke. It's endowed with a body and strength that comes close to Manda and Second Manda, as well as an infrared-ray sensing organ. It once saved Sasuke's life and has been loyal to him ever since. [TN: Not sure about this last sentence]

p. 16 - Akatsuchi
Akatsuchi (赤ツチ)

Kana: あか
Databook romanisation: AKATSUCHI

Village: Iwagakure Symbol Iwagakure
Rank: Jōnin

Ninja registration number: IW-08718
Birthday: 11th January (20 years old, Capricorn)
Height: 200.0 cm Weight: 137.0 kg Blood type: B
Personality: Cheerful, loyal

↑ Easily carrying the Tsuchikage on his shoulders, prepared to take on the position of a perfect guard.

The Tsuchikage's "shield" with unrivaled physical strength!!

Iwagakure's war-experienced pride of power, with a body like a huge rock. Besides his personal physical strength, he can freely use a stone puppet, a "golem", that he spits out of his mouth. Because of this, despite numerical inferiority, he's displaying excellent war results. He's always following and protecting the old Tsuchikage as a guard.

I will carry the baggage of Lord Tsuchikage!

p. 19 . - Asura, Indra, Uzumaki Mito, Karin, Kurotsuchi, Roushi
Hagoromo's second child. Cared for his older brother, and strove hard to become like Indra, but he was not good enough. However, by joining forces with his companions, he awakened and obtained true power. Before long he had inherited his father's Ninshuu.

The heir who naturally inherited the power of his father, Hagoromo Ohtsutsuki. Every hurdle he overcame with the strength only he had, therefore he realized all power should be his.

Uzumaki Mito
The First Hokage's wife, and the Kunoichi who kept the Kyuubi inside her body. This girl became the Jinchuuriki of the Hidden Village of the Leaf, even though her life would be one of abusive loneliness, because The Village I love, is the Village I'll support and protect was the belief she had, carried on her body.

A danger lover whose face changes to concern as soon as she sees Sasuke. For the sake of seeing this dazzling smile once again and act as Sasuke's friend, she'll master it in this difficult journey. Using her own body to make her companions' wounds bearable is unpleasant, she excels at reconnaisance with her special power. However, this devotion is cruel and treacherous. Sasuke discarded her when captured... but she forgave him whole-heartedly, having decided to protect him, unleashing the Uzumaki Clan's ability.

User of the Youton Kekkei Genkai, Ohnoki's granddaughter. For the Five Kage Meeting she was an escort and companion, trusted by Ohnoki and Akatsuchi. Self-confident and ambitious, a kunoichi of Hidden Rock that drives and motivates the young shinobi.

Jinchuuriki of the Yonbi who accepted his fate, Roushi used the Bijuu's power[freedom?] to continue his wandering. He possessed the kekkei genkai and Bijuu's power of sublimation, and driven on his obstinate quest for knowledge, he walked on his own path.

p. 21 - Aburame Shino, Shibi, Torune, Muta, Tatsuma
Aburame Shino
"I can sense your resistance"
Ninj registration no: 012618, Chuunin
DOB: January 23 (aged 17, Aquarius)
Height: 175.1cm Weight: 56.6kg Blood Type: AB
Personality: stoic, secretive, poker-faced
Jutsu: Fire, earth, yang, secret techniques, summon technique
Favorite: Shinos long-standing dream is to befriend and fight alongside an new species of insect that no-one has seen before.
A man who regards in comrades highly, he silently conceals himself
It is in the Aburame Clans nature to value silence - all their pent-up emotions are expressed through their insects rather than their face. When his insects start to move Shinos own emotions start to rise up. Its certainly as though theyre one body and soul!! But at the same time, Shino wants to deepen his bonds with his friends too and spends his days searching for ways to do so.

Aburame Shibi
"Ill use all my power to exterminate you"
Ninja registration no: 005480, Jounin
DOB: September 7 (aged 43, Virgo)
Height: 181.3cm Weight: 68.9kg Blood Type: A
Personality: taciturn
A silent insect-user who will exterminate any pests who threaten the village
Those born into the Aburame Clan are unparalleled in the ninja world when it comes to being gifted with deep knowledge and pride towards insects. The leader of the clan, Shibi gathers and nurtures a large quantity of secret insects. These insects are used as a deadly hidden jutsu - just moments after being released they will greedily devour the enemys life force until the enemy is no more!

Aburame Torune
"Ill finish this with the next attack!"
Ninja registration no: 012360, Anbu
DOB: October 24 (aged 19, Scorpio)
Height: 178.3cm Weight: 68.7kg Blood Type: O
Personality: altruistic

A man dressed in jet-black who takes down his enemies with nano-sized poisonous insects!
In early childhood Torune and his fellow clansman, Shino, grew up as brothers. Torune later decided to join ROOT in Shinos place. With his nano-sized poisonous insects and clans pride, Torune is free from his shackles in the darkness.

Aburame Muta


Male, Aged 24, Special Jounin

A member of the specialist Scouting Patrol, Muta investigated Kautos hideout. He entrusted the scroll to his insects, alerting HQ to the enemys actions.

************************************************** *******

Aburame Tatsuma


Male, Aged 21, Anbu

A Shinobi of ROOT and subordinate of Danzo alongside Orochimaru. His infiltration techniques are highly regarded among successive generations of ROOT.

p. 26-27 - Kushina
Uzumaki Kushina

I love you

Chakra nature: Wind, Water, Yin
Jinchuuriki; has secret techniques

A strong mother holding the Kyuubi, as it dwells in harsh karma

Kushina was the wife of the Fourth Hokage, and the Kyuubis second jinchuuriki. She came to Konoha to take the place of the first jinchuuriki, Mito. Her lively and competitive personality got the better of her, earning her the nickname The Red-Blooded Habanero. However, her despised red hair brought her and her fated loved one together. Her newfound days of happiness were brief, as she left the world after sealing the Kyuubi in her newborn son. All the while, she wished to someday see her son grown up

Caption of top panel: As a child, she was brought [to Konoha] from the allied village Uzushio as the Kyuubis vessel.

Caption of right panel: Her heart was captured by Minato, who noticed her red hair and rescued her from her kidnapping.

Caption of left panel: She inherited from her clan the sealing technique to trap the Kyuubi in a human body, along with her special chakra.

Ninja registration number: 007310
Birthday: July 10th, (deceased at age 24, Cancer)
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Blood type: B
Personality: Tomboyish, competitive

The times when she was together with Minato at the dinner table, and full of happinessthose were the moments Kushina truly loved.

About 27 years ago:
The red hair of fate changes her life
Her childhood was a complex mess. It was because of Minatos words that she was able to like herself.

p. 37 - Utakata
Ukataka is from Kirigakuru

Could use a wide range of bubble ninjutsu as well as acid in battle

p. 38-41 - Itachi -

p. 48-55 - Sasuke -

p. 56 - Shisui
Uchiha Shisui
Shinobi registration number: ?
Rank: Anbu
Birthday: October 19th [Age at death: Unknown. Libra]
Height: 180.0cm Weight: 68.9kg. Blood type: A
Personality: honest, sentimental.
Favorite: He kept multiple crows that he uses in various jutsu. Faithful and were important partners to Shisui.
Elements: Yin, fire, lightning and wind.
'I'll protectthis villageand the Uchiha's name.'
'As his death wish, to his friend he entrusted this 'eye' as a guide on the righteous path.'
Hes an excellent and outstanding (nin) in the era of turmoil in Kirigakure, the cornerstone of the village and left the world the hero of the tragedy.
The mighty ability of his Mangekyou Sharingan has attracted attention of not only the enemy nations, but the higher ups of the village as well.
In order to prevent a conflict over his eye, Shisui entrusted his eye to his friend. Believing that the strength of Uchiha will be the light that guide the village, he choose the gloryless death.
Side: Entrusting his corpse after his pretend suicide, opening his best friends Mangekyou Sharingan.

p. 64 - Iruka

Chakra Affinity: Fire, Water, Yin

Leading by the tradition of The Will of Fire
The one who understands Naruto the most!!

Carries the next era of Konoha Village on his shoulders, guiding and raising new leaves (younglings) sprouting with talent, a teacher of the Ninja Academy.
Having handled the problem child Naruto during the boys Ninja Academy days by facing him directly (head on), those deep (rooted) feelings grew warmly affectionate.

More important than anything, Iruka thinks about his many students, his own students whom he respects and adores are plenty.
Among them, Naruto is special but, Iruka began to put heartfelt reliance (faith) in Naruto ever since Iruka acknowledged Naruto for the first time.
At present, Naruto has become stronger than him, and Iruka continues to watch over him affectionately like an elder brother.

Iruka considers Naruto in the same way as family.
He relies on him for that, and kindly encourages him (gives his back a push).

"Youre like a little brother to me."
(Both pics from Volume 57 Chapter 535 Irukas Persuasion イルカの説得, Iruka no Settoku)

Dont stop being the person who earned all that praise.
Be yourself.#

Ninja Registration Number: 011850
Birthday: May 26 (27 years old, Gemini)
Height: 178.0 cm; Weight: 66.2 kg; Blood type: O
Personality: Serene (composed, calm, big-hearted), soft-hearted, positive (forward-looking, proactive)

Eating heartily together with Naruto at Ichiraku Ramen.
To be eating a full meal alongside ones student, and feeling a moment of bliss.

p. 73-78 - 1-5 Kazekage, Karura

Reto (First Kazekage)
Ninja Registration Number: -
Birthday: June 27 (58 years old at death, Cancer)
Height: 195.8cm Weight: 81.8kg Blood Type: A
Persoanlity: Obstinate, Capitalistic

In order to enrich the vast Land of Wind, he carried out a careful and farsighted rule. The desert accounted for 80% of his territory, the resource poor country of Wind was constantly engaged in conflict and battles amongst clans was continuing incessantly. In an era of rivaling leaders, Reto gathered overwhelming power and formed the Village Hidden in the Sand. After the founding of the village, in order to increase the countrys power, Reto made efforts to negotiate with each hidden village.

⇧ Pushing forward aggressive negotiations, he even risks the outbreak of a war.

Shamon (Second Kazekage)
Ninja Registration Number: -
Birthday: March 12 (? years old at death, Pisces)
Height: ? Weight: ? Blood type: O
Personality: Desires improvement

At the first Gokage meeting, the focus of the management of Sunagakure shifted from securing resources to the improvement of armed forces. Shamon, who was appointed Second Kazekage, embarked on the road to further military expansion! Firstly, with the aim of handling the One-Tails, that was sealed in a temple from ancient times, as a weapon, he concentrated his energy on researching the tailed beasts. Furthermore, he made use of puppet ninjutsu, to become a replacement for shinobi, the geographical advantage and the development of ninjutsu, etcetera, and worked out a ninjutsu that fights using few shinobi with multiple partners. Due to military expansion of Shamons government, Sungakures military strength achieved groundbreaking advancement. There are Sunagakure shinobi of the next generation, who inherited the techniques of the previous generation, were elevated to a higher level and produced numerous excellent shinobi and ninjutsu because of his pioneering.

Rasa (Fourth Kazekage)
Ninja Registration Number: 28-115
Birthday: 29th March, Aries (Age of death 40)
Height: 176.5cm
Weight: 64.1kg
Blood Type: A
Persoanlity: Believes in results, skeptical
Favourite: After taking office as the Fourth Kazekage, he mastered many fields of research and study for the villages prosperity.

Chakra Nature(s): Water, Earth, Wind, Yin
Characteristic(s); Kekkai Genkei, Hiden
The wind calms and doesnt disturb the sands.

According to a command of disarmament from the country, the management of Sunagakure begins to weaken. The villages funds were collected through means of the gold dust and Magnet Release jutsu that Rasa learnt, and in addition, until he made his own son, Gaara, a Jinchuuriki, he was committed to the prosperity of the village and the strengthening of the villages military power. However, he was murdered by Orochimaru, who was bound to his half of a secret agreement. Afterwards, during the Fourth Great Shinobi War, he was revived using the Edo Tensei and was able to see for himself how his son and the sand village had grown.

In the past that he gave up on worthless things, and he now feels a deep regret.

With profound research and knowledge of ninjutsu and with exceptional talent, he learnt the Third Kazekages Magnet Release.

His jutsu, that manipulates gold sand, was also used in order to combat Gaaras Shukaku.

Gaara (Fifth Kazekage)
Ninja Registration Number: 56-001
Birthday: January 19, Capricorn (17 years old)
Height: 166.1 cm Weight: 50.9kg Bloodtype: AB
Personality: Composed, Fearless
Favourite: Cultivating cacti is his secret hobby. In his room there are many cacti and he collects the rare varieties.

The rising sand storm in the young wind becomes a solid shield that protects all things!!

Due to his encounter with Naruto, Gaara, wanting a village and friends, aims to become Kage. Because of the Akatsuki, he even lost the power of the tailed beast, and many of his comrades, who believe in him, have seen the power of bonds. During the Gokage meeting, Gaara asks the Tsuchikage, who cares about formalities and appearance, where his convictions are. The young wind that earnt the power of bonds, attained even more strength after meeting with his father and seeing his tailed beast again.

Lets all pick ourselves up. The past repeats and lets tell tales of a peaceful future. Gaara supports the invigorated Kage and Naruto by protecting them with his sand.

In order to protect all of the allied forces, the sand used in the jutsu must become fast and hard.

The pain that was received, and the future that will be told after this. If they feel the same way, then there are no such barriers as countries and villages. His wish left an impression on most of the Shinobi forces.

[Meeting a friend who knows the same pain]

Gaaras meeting with Naruto, who bears the same fate as a Jinchuuriki, altered him greatly. Meeting Naruto, who bears the same fate as Jinchuuriki, altered Gaara greatly.

The bonds of many that overcome the curse of the Jinchuuriki, Gaara was appointed Regimental Commander of the Shinobi Forces.

Gaara, who became the 5th Kazekage, participated in the Five Kage Summit. His support for the formation of the allied shinobi forces was made known. The allied forces were formed and Gaara took up the position as Regimental Commander, unifying all the forces on the battlefield. In order to oppose the Akatsuki, Shinobi must become one. However, because of the conflict and strife between them, ill feelings remain, and shinobi of other villages must extinguish this distrust and discontent. In this hostile situation, Gaara exclaimed. Pain and hatred, sharing joy and bonds with others these things become powerful That passionate exclamation was carried throughout the allied forces and rose the moral of Shinobi greatly.

Born as a Jinchuuriki, Gaara embraced hatred. A slave to loneliness and destruction, Gaara changed due to his meeting with Naruto and made a great friendship.

[The love of a mother and father]

Shukaku of the sand is proud of its absolute defense. The sand that protects Gaara is automatic, and even after Shukaku was extracted from Gaara, that effect remained. During the fierce battle with his father, the Fourth Kazekage, a sand shield that resembled his mother, Karura, protected Gaara. With the sand shield, the truth of Karuras love was revealed by the Fourth Kazekage and Gaara, with this feeling in his chest, went to the other battlefield.

The shocking truth about his mother, Karura, was revealed by his father.

[Ties with Shukaku]

No longer a weapon, but instead a friend. Gaara requests Shukakus cooperation in sealing Madara. Gaara doesnt see a difference between tailed beasts and people, which reminds Shukaku of its past Jinchuuriki, Bunpuku.

Jinchuuriki and tailed beasts both know the same pain, and what it feels like to be captured and used by others, making Gaara Shukakus equal.

Ninja Registration Number: -
Birthday: November 11 (? years old at death, Scorpio)
Height: 170.5cm Weight: 50.7kg Blood Type: B
Personality: Loving

The mother who continues to protect her son and left her spirit in countless sandstorms

It was revealed that she loved and worried about her son, establishing an important relationship with him. She continues to be close and protect her son even in death. The sand, even though it cant talk, carries her feelings even now

Even after her flesh body has disappeared from this world, she left her chakra in Gaaras sand.

p. 79 - Katsuyu
Shikkotsurin Slug Kuchiyose . One section is summoned from the main body, which is massively large. Katsuya's restoration ability allows her to heal even fatal wounds.

p. 86 - Kankuro
Ninja Registration Number: 54-002
Birthday 15th May, Taurus (19)
Height: 175cm Weight: 61.2kg Blood type: B
Personality: Strategic
Favourite: Collecting puppets is his greatest pleasure. In recent years he came into possession of the puppets Salamander and Sasori.

Nature Releases: Wind, Earth, Water, Lightning

A proud performer that dances with the ultimate puppets!!

When a puppeteer lets someone else control him, its all over, Jan!

Working on the many puppets handed down in the hidden sand, Kankuro improves his secret technique. The beautiful dance of the proud performer invites opponents to their deaths. Because he himself manipulates puppets, his hatred towards people who manipulate others for evil is stronger than anybody elses. He must cut the thread of fate that pulls the strings of the dead to manipulate the human puppet, Sasori, and be sure not to reveal his many Black Secret Techniques!

⇧He manipulates chakra threads extending from ten fingers, which can be used to catch enemies.

⇧His pride as a performer hides in his heart. Along with puppets, this pride is passed down from generation to generation.

p. 93 - Kinkaku/Ginkaku
They were Kumo's two rays of light that shown brightly during turbulent times, until their karama was exhausted (? not sure about the last part of this line)

They lived during Nidaime Raikage's era, people spoke of them as legends, for the serious crimes against people that the brothers committed. On one occasion they staged a raid on the Raikage and Hokage, it was a coup d'etat, during the incident a large number of misdeeds were spoken of (literally told as stories to the next generation). Decedents of Rikudou Sennin, they had natural abilities of high value, when fed to the Kyuubi, they fed on it's interior meet, allowing them to return alive. They took in a part of the Kyuubi's power for themselves, colossal chakra is necessary to easily use Rikudou Sennin's treasure tools.

Cold and calculated (crafty) brutality ties the brothers together, these bonds strengthen in an emergency.

When in a frenzy their Bijuu power activates and demonstrates their great war potential. A power that can match a thousand.

The last part is basically saying that in war they are valuable pieces because their Kyuubi chakra makes them each as valuable (or more) than 1,000 men. Basically an expression to say they are really fucking strong.

p. 99 - Sasori
サソリ - Sasori
Translations and clean up by me.

If you cant read the text:

The extraordinary puppet master who risked all of his heart and soul in his eternal art.

Now I really am a puppet, one whose body will never decay!

Even in the sand village, Sasori was remembered as a powerful puppeteer of the past. The genius, that once controlled 100 puppets and destroyed whole countries, ran away to the Akatsuki during a dire situation. He was brought back to the present and saw the new puppeteer who had inherited his own puppets.Entrusting his hope to the future generations, he left once again.

⇦He controls 100 puppets by extending chakra threads from his fingertips!

Ninja Registration Number: 33-001
Birthday 8th November Scorpio (Age at death: 35)
Height: 164.1cm
Weight: 47.3kg
Blood type: AB
Personality: Cautious, Individualist, Impatient

p. 103 - Shima
Looked at Shima's. And here are the highlights (not exact trans, but paraphrased):

Ma's secret weapon is her greatness with Senjutsu, the way of the toad

Ma/Pa Rank (in the toads social standings) just bellow the Massive Gamasennin (Old Fortune teller toad)

Ma/Pa boast great detection and analysis prowess

Naruto made her believe in Massive Gamasennin's prophecy

Power of Senjutsu Sound waves is immense

p. 122 - Temari
Ninja registration number: 53-004
Birthday: August 23 (20 years old, Virgo)
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 47.9 kg
Blood type: O
Personality: Bold, prudent
The fierce whirlwind that blows away all the universe!

She creates gusts using the fan in her hands, wiping out those who stand in her way from a distance! As a talented woman who is rarely moved by anyone, she discovers Shikamarus potential to be the foundation of an era, and is determined to create a new ninja world with him.

Caption: As a supporter of the young Kazekage, and as Gaaras sister, she leads the advance of the allied shinobi.

p. 123 - Dodai

An official for successive Raikages and the strongest myth storyteller! He is the trusted official who was entrusted with the duty of choosing the partners for the Third and Fourth Raikages. He knows the innermost secrets of the strongest cooperative attack "Double Lariat". He is aware of the strength of the person who has to bear that on their body, and he will support and protect them to the end.

String Light Formation (Isshi Tōjin), Ninjutsu - Iruka activated this jutsu to prevent Naruto from leaving. Formations spread out from ones feet, and the movements of the person caught in the centre of the jutsu can be sealed/restricted. A jutsu considered in the occasion of learning the basis of sealing techniques.

p. 124 - Tobi
Shinju (the god tree) to be born (literally dropped off like a fruit), his child like chakra is a great mystery.

Shinju's sprout's birth place is the Gendou Mazou's , a different light fed him in the depths of the earth with life circumstances everyday changing; by coincidence a rare guest happened to slip in. It had been a long time since he had seen a new human, his curiosity excited him, a body that would submit to him that he could become one with in terms of action and behavior full sublimation. To wrap someone inside of him, he is able to feel their heart/spirit/mind.

The Amalgamation of a human and itself, powers combine (add up), and than they produce even still greater power.

Obito's limbs, heart and mind...hard to make out the rest

It's heart and feelings are those of another humans that it's equipped with.


So a couple of major notes here. This was one of the most difficult profiles to translate yet, so take this translation with an extreme grain of salt.

With that said, let me clarify some things in my own words.

I think the first part is saying that Spiral was born from Gedou Mazou and fed off it's light, (my speculation: therefore it could not exists w/o being around Gedou Mazou or having a human filling; Mugen Tsukuyomi's light fed it which is why it no longer needed a filling, but after it ended it died when it could not longer get back to a filling: Yamato).

The rest seems to indicate that in some twisted way spiral becomes in part the person he wraps around, because otherwise he would have no heart. So rather than Obito's Tobi persona being based off Spiral, Spiral's feelings/heart/spirit is partially assimilated from Obito.

My Speculation: The Imagery Kishi uses here and the lack of a heart, and being the sprout of the Shinju, makes me think Spiral was suppose to be the new Shinju Fruit, but Kishi never fully fleshed out that plot device, due to rushing the series for the movie. But yeah it seems like Spiral might have been the new fruit.

Edit: By the by Spiral sounds like such a twisted evil thing the way this is written, it's really too bad he wasn't a more major villain or the final villain, dam he's awesome.

p. 126-29 - Nagato
Pain Rikudo operator/manipulator, Akatsuki's leader, Nagato. Nagato's power can save the world (Nagato the last airbender lol)

Talks about how he wanted to protect his friends and how his despair at their lost fueled him to want to save the Shinobi world, basically shit we already know. Has the power of the Rinnegan, Rikudo's power, that makes him like a God.

The rest I skimmed through, but it mostly just talks about the pain he suffered, becoming a "god", bring pain to the world, and meeting Naruto.

I literally see nothing in there about Rinnegan being immune to visual genjutsu and all that others hype stuff. Actually don't see much hype for Nagato outside Rinnegan being Rikudo's power and power of a god. Granted I don't know where they were getting that hype from so perhaps it's in another entry on Nagato somewhere in the book or one of his Jutsu entry, but I don't see anything of note here.

The little blurb about the Hokage doesn't say anything worth note, just their relationships, like Tobirama and Hashirama being brothers. Tsunade being Hashirama granddaughter. Etc...

p. 136 - White Snake Sage
Hakujya Sennin

This strange soul has untested authority in Ryuuchidou (I think).

The unexplored region of Ryuuchidou rivals (in terms of fame) Myoubokuzan and Shikkotsurin, which is ruled over by the snake-hermit. A massive white Naga on top of an enshrinement, unifies with the earth (?, i'm not sure here). By calling on his esoteric teachings he uses his fangs to bite and inject a person with natural energy. According to legend If the body can withstand the snake-ification, it will accept it w/o reservation.


So this was hard to translated, but from what I can gather. The method to learning Senjutsu at Ryuuchidou is that Hakuija Sennin bites someone injecting them with natural energy and if their body can withstand it than they gain Sennin Modo. It seems like a very similar process to how Orochimaru gives the CS, so that's probably what Orochimaru got the idea from.

p. 137 - Pakura
パクラ - Pakura

The Scorch Release user - a crimson inferno like the unbearable dryness of hot sand!

What theyre just kids?

The hero of the sand who played her part as a user of the Scorch Release. Despite this, pakura had an unnatural death. According to the strategy of the village higher ups, she was considered a part of negotiations with the hidden mist. Pakura took her last breath while cursing her village and shinobi. Because she was revived by the edo tensei, this curse came to an end.

⇧Scorch release jutsu evaporates the surrounding moisture in an instant and defeats enemies!! In suna, this great ability was boasted about.

Ninja Registration Number: ?
Birthday 9th April, Taurus (Age at death: Unknown)
Height: 166.3cm
Weight: 43.2kg
Blood type: A
Personality: Diligent

Member of the legendary Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, wielder of the explosive sword Shibuki.

He could freely control the double-edged sword wrapped in his captain's explosive tags, turning the battlefield into an explosive hell. The number of shinobi massacred, taken from within the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, meant these fearsome murdering sword skills are spoken of even now.

p. 142 - Sakumo
White Fang with his chakra blade in hand is a Genius Ninja that surpasses the Sannin. No explanation of why he's that strong though. The rest of his entry talks about the rules of being a Shinobi, basically that stuff explained in Gaiden.

p. 143-146 - Sakura
DB repeats that Sakura caught up to Naruto and Sasuke (in the moment that Sakura states such in the manga). It's something along the lines, Sakura is a special case her level was hidden. However while Naruto and Sasuke were always running ahead of her she finally caught up to them.

Pushing forward through rigorous training. Eventually she blossomed or insert other flower nonsense to stand for becoming great here. She polished/improved/refines her strong arm and medical ninjutsu.

Sakura had the same chakra control and talent as Tsunade, and before long it blossomed. (So I guess her chakra control is >= to Tsunade's now lol).
Sakura's talent allowed her to inherit Tsunade's Kinjutsu (Byakugo, i'm assuming).

Stuff about helping her teammates or watching their back being her strong point, saving Sasuke from his darkness, meh, I kind of got board and skipped through this section (lol). Than skipped over the pairing page, if there's something interesting i'm sorry, but I just can't even.

I think it says she received Shizune's techniques as Shizune also trained her like an older sister. I think it also says she surpass Shizune, but I'm really skimming now.

Talks about the rules of being a medic and how the medic should naturally stay out of the front lines. Except when they have the Ninjutsu "Sousou Saisei Byakugou". Sakura adopted the Jutsu due to her incredible talent. The ability to surpass ones own self healing, and heal ones own wounds right on the spot, that's the power "Sousou Sisei Byakgou"

The weapon that Sakura has that the enemy should fear is her Herculean strength.

p. 147 - Han
Gobi's power is to gallup really fast lol

Clade in crimson armor, Iwagakure's former Jinchuuriki.

His unique traite was that he manipulated steam in battle

his pride was his Herculean strength and acceleration (gathering great speed), that he accomplishes via amplification (I.E. the steam shit increases his strength and speed greatly)

During War the Steam Ninja was famous throughout the entire ninja world

His Taijutsu's enormous power and speed is prominent throughout the ninja world

So apparently Han was quite the beast back in his day and the steam doesn't just increase strength but quickness as well.

p. 147 - Hanzo
Took a look at Hanzo's entry. It mostly talks about his will and how he lost and regained it. It also talks about how "Poison gave birth to Amegakuru's great hero". And the only really interesting thing is it may be calling him, "Amegakur's greatest of all", but i'm not sure if it's that or "Leader", since 長 can mean both (I think it might mean both, as in he was the leader and was the greatest Amegakur Shinobi). It also talks about how he uses poisoned weapons, plural, so he probably poisoned his Kunai and stuff as well as his scythe.

p. 148-51 - Bijuu
The blurb under Shukaku just talks about his Juin and absolute defense

Nibi's blurb says it uses scortching hot hellfire, but considering how it's written I believe it's implying that Nibi's power is Shakuton (scorch release). Could be wrong though

Sanbi's carapace (shell) is very durable and I think it talks about the countless number of blades on it (but the Hiragana is hard to make out). While Sanbi can fight in water and out of water, fighting in the water is it's strong point (gee thanks DB, didn't know that lol!)

The viscosity from Rokubi's body fluids is high. It can also release corroding gas.

p. 152 - Neji
Hyuuga Neji
Rank: Jounin
Chakra Nature: Fire, earth, water

Main Heading: The talented man of the Hyuuga who died* in order for his friends to protect the future!!
*Translators note: It literally says dropped his eyelids, but I thought that sounded weird and went for the basic point.

The talented Hyuuga who was called a prodigy, as opposed to his younger self, shook of the curse of the branch family, and ran towards the wings of freedom that he desired. The future of Naruto, Hinata, and the village He carried the resolve to sacrifice everything for those precious to him. Like his father, whom he respects, he grabbed the freedom to protect his comrades on his own.

Caption of upper left panel: He splendidly evades the Juubis attack using the Hyuugas parry technique!! This absolute defense is not just for appearance.

Large text near center: Because you called me a genius

Caption of panel on the right: I wont let you kill my comrades. This magnificent nindou adorns the death of a genius.

Ninja registration number: 012587
Birthday: July 3rd (18 years old, Cancer)
Height: 172.1 cm
Weight: 54.2 kg
Blood type: O
Personality: Cool, realistic
Favorite: Neji embraced the idea of birds flying through the sky. To him, birds symbolize freedom.

p. 153 - Hiashi
Hyuuga Hiashi
Rank: Jounin
The solemn clan head burdened with the fate of the Hyuuga!
With a proud boast in his heart, he protects Konoha to the end!! He is the head of the [Hyuuga] clan, which inherits one of the three great doujutsu, the byakugan. He earnestly wishes for the Hyuuga to prosper, dreaming of a future in which the main family and branch family can be together hand in hand. His superior ability is prominent even in his clan.
Know this! The Hyuuga are the strongest in Konoha!
Hiashi trained Neji, who was of the branch family. They dance in unison on the battlefield.
Ninja Registration Number: 005159
Birthday: January 8 (46 years old, Capricorn)
Height: 176.5 cm
Weight: 59.6 kg
Blood Type: B
Personality: Strict, direct

p. 153 - Hizashi+

Hyuuga Hizashi
Rank: Jounin

The pride of the Hyuuga, who fell to protect his son, his brother, and his clan!!

Hizashi is Nejis father, who left this world as a substitute for his older brother, Hiashi, the head of the main family. Having been endowed with the same level of strength as his brother, his son also strongly inherited that ability. He took part in the Fourth Great Ninja War as an Edo Tensei.

Caption: Upon hearing of Nejis growth and struggles from his brother, he cast aside the regrets he had about following his own path.

Ninja Registration Number: 005160
Birthday: January 8 (deceased at age 32, Capricorn)
Height: 176.5 cm
Weight: 66.3 kg
Blood Type: B
Personality: Serious, pessimistic

Minor Hyuuga Clan Members

Hyuuga Iroha
Male, 27 years old, Jounin
Volume 57, page 31
He is a member of the barrier team, and the one in charge of detecting their target. With his overly serious personality, he is not good at dealing with abnormal situations.

Hyuuga Kou
Male, 20 years old, Jounin
Volume 46, page 142
As a shinobi of the Hyuuga main family, he put forth a frantic effort to protect Hinata from the Shinra Tensei released by Pain.

Hyuuga Tokuma
Male, 25 years old, Special Jounin
Volume 55, page 20
He is a member of Kabuto-tracking team lead by Anko. With a byakugan trained for tracking duty, he located Kabuto.

Hyuuga Hoheto
Male, 29 years old, Jounin
Volume 52, page 125
On the battlefield, he saved his comrades from Deidaras explosive clay, using his extensive combat experience and ability to perceive danger.

p. 154-57 - Hinata

p. 158 - Fu
Takigakure, Fū (フウ, FU), -

ID -, born 8th August, age at death unknown, Leo
160.0 cm, 47.4 kg, B
Cheerful, frivolous

Cheerful and lively flying through the sky! The jinchūriki that keeps the Seven-Tails!!

"There's no word for defeat in Fū's dictionary~su!". Then something about how she can fly because she can grow wings with her TB's power and how she can expel the wing scale powder stuff from her mouth, using it to blind the enemy. Surprise attacks are her speciality. She also has the habit to say っす ssu instead of です desu.

p. 159 - Fukasaku
Myoubokuzan's Daisen Gama who teaches the hidden arts of Senjutsu is in good health.

Than just talks about achieving harmony with natural energy on the Gama's sacred mountain, and how he beat the secret teachings of Senjutsu into Naruto and Jiraiya. His age exceeds 800 years old. Due to his age his power has weakened, but in his youth his power was the envy of every Gama (all toads)

He is a person who has achieved complete mastery of Kawazu Kumite. There is no Gama that is superior to Fukasaku throughout all of Myoubokuzan.

If weakened Fukasaku could spar with SM-Naruto and demonstrate all those other powerful techniques; Prime-Fukasaku must have been godly.

p. 162-67 - First Hokage -

p. 168-69 - Second Hokage
Tobirama knows all 7 elements - fire, wind, lightning, earth, water, yin and yang. Has summons (must be the edo tensei), does not have other symbols (no blood limit or sage jutsu).
"What is important is the village
The village is vital

"Governing the village by the pen and the sword
A ferocious ruler succeeding the will of fire!!

"As for the decoy, of course, I will go. You all are, from here on, the young wills of fire that will protect the village."
Surrounded by the Kinkaku squad, Tobirama volunteers himself to be the decoy.
For the sake of protecting his subordinates, as Hokage, he entrusts the village to the next generation and dies a noble death.

Together with his elder brother Hashirama, the dawning of Konohagakure sees Tobirama constantly counselling (admonishing) and supporting his generous brother, as well as being the teacher to the Third Hokage of the future generation.
He invents again and again more high grade jutsu on par with the Hiraishin no jutsu and Edo Tensei, which made a huge impact on the future to come.
In any given time, he appears calm as if nothing can break his composure and he understands his own position.
Everything is for the sake of his brother and the prosperity of the thriving village that is also Tobiramas unwavering ninja way.

"I will use my Shunshin no jutsu to save the ones in danger. Dont hesitate, go!!"
Tobirama encourages his comrades who are caught in trouble, by using his own jutsu to keep them out of harms way.
On the battlefield, he assesses the situation precisely and teleports, revealing his wealth of intellect.

"Its not a lie, it seems. I am sure I can feel Madaras chakra!"
Especially endowed with excellent sensory abilities. (Google translate agrees: )
Uses this fortitude of sensitivity to his surroundings in his battle sense to his advantage in leading.

"From now on, things will be run democratically. Any objections?"
About 67 years ago
He devotes his energy in fortifying the foundation (stronghold, of Konoha)
First generation of the founders, second generation (of ruling), without being swept away by emotion, he built a steady organisation.

Birthday: February 19 (age of death unknown, Pisces)
Height: 182.3 cm; Weight: 70.5 kg; Blood type: A
Personality: Bold (great, sturdy, stubborn), passionate (zealous), rational and principled.
In the magnificent forests of Konoha, clear rivers run. To catch fresh fish from there, is what Tobirama likes.

p. 170-71 - Third Hokage
So Hiruzen may not be the strongest Hokage, but he's still godly as hell, from his entry.

Hiruzen earned the title of professor for being a researcher. He was trained by both Hashirama and Tobirama, as the man that would succeed them. At a young age he showed greater talent than Tobirama. All five nature alterations, Hidden (I think it means Clan based techniques), Genjutsu, all ninjutsu existing in Konoha which explains his reputation as the professor. Hence the essence of Hiruzen is his talent with ninjutsu. Everyone in the village is his family member


So here we have the return of Hiruzen knowing all Jutsu in the leaf village, but this time it's stated as Ninjutsu; I don't have the Raw for the original statement so i don't know if the all Jutsu, was originally stated as just Ninjutsu and the translation was faulty or if it's now been retecon'd so it's only Ninjutsu rather than all jutsu. Ether way it now makes sense that Hiruzen could use all Ninjutsu in the Leaf Village, as that excludes Kekkai Genkai and Dojutsu techniques.

p. 172-75 - Fourth Hokage
Yondaime Hokage - Namikaze Minato

Chakra Affinity: Fire, Wind, Lightning, Yin, Yang
Sage; has Summons

"We, as a family are

Cutting through the darkness of the ninja world
The Yellow Flash
That awesome prestige time and space too seem to stand still!!

!!? (Volume 53, Chapter 503)
Displaying astonishing skillfulness with Hiraishin no jutsu!!
Overwhelming the Masked Man that is the mastermind behind the Kyuubi Incident!!

A handsome man shining with natural-borne talent, like a blinding glint (purple lightning), time and space itself seem to stand still.
Minato handles to perfection the Hiraishin no jutsu space-time ninjutsu that was invented by Nidaime Hokage Senju Tobirama, and learnt from Master Jiraiya the pride of being a ninja.
His achievements began 27 years ago with the Jinchuuriki kidnapping prevention in Kirigakure; during the 3rd Great Ninja War, he led inferior Konoha camps to victory for times too numerous to mention.
Praised among all ninja as the greatest in god-like speed, the honour of that valour fascinates even the elites of other villages.

"Ill go first and scout out its abilities!"
Using Shiki Fuujin, his own chakra had been sealed together with the Kyuubis half body in reconcilliation (compromise).
Gaining the impressive Kyuubi Chakra Mode!!

"Thats some remarkable bravery its like youre not even the Eight-Tails Jinchuuriki, but a true ninj who possesses something powerful." (Volume 57, Chapter 542, Binktopias translation)
Going beyond the village border, giving praise and recognition to the bravery (valour) of others.
Such is the composure (calmness, allowance) of a truly powerful person.

About 21 years ago
First battle with the A-B team (combi).
After crossing blades many times with Yondaime Raikage A and the guard B, their military forces were mutually recognised. (not sure about this, still touching up)

Ninja Registration Number 006510
Birthday: January 25th (age of death: 24 years old; Aquarius)
Height: 179.2 cm; Weight: 66.1 kg; Blood type: B
Personality: Tolerant/generous/understanding, mild/gentle

Loves stories; exclusively away from missions, he becomes a bookworm.
His favourite book is Jiraiyas work Tales of a Gutsy Ninja (Do-Konjou Ninden).

(Note: written in present tense as if reliving the past perhaps, and I am translating accordingly)
Sealed inside his treasured child is the resolve of a shinobi and deeply profound love.

[Death Anniversary]
On the 10th of October exactly 17 years ago from present day, a sudden tragedy had befallen Konoha .
Due to the Masked Mans scheme, in order to seal again the Kyuubi that had emerged from Kushinas body, Minato makes his his own life as the intermediary (medium), and invokes (activates) the kinjutsu Shiki Fuuin.
That is the duty that must be fulfilled to protect Konoha.
As the mission of the Yondaime Hokage.

"Believe in this child! After all, he is our son!!" (Volume 53, Chapter 503)
Putting the jutsu-caster to certain death, the Shiki Fuujin.
Minato sacrifices his own life (body) to save Konoha.

" Listen to your motor-mouth mother" (Volume 53, Chapter 504, Binktopias translation)
Protecting his own childs life from the Kyuubis evil claw to the end, Minato passes on (dies).

Minato decides to seal half of the Kyuubis chakra into his own child, Naruto.
Even as his lifes flame could burn out at any moment, Minato seals into Narutos body, something along with the Kyuubis chakra, (and) his breath dies (stops, ceases).
That something is the love of a father and mother like no other.

On the war zone of his afterlife comes a karmic chance encounter
The high-soar (soaring spirits) of his heir unleashes the blazing light of his reposed soul!! (composed/calmed/rested soul)

"Isnt that right Obito"(Volume 66, Chapter 637)
Relying on the Marking that never disappears, he slashes his own student for the first time with a single kunai strike.

[As a master]
The mastermind behind the fourth great ninja war is the same Masked Man from the Kyuubi incident.
Minatos makes use of his Hiraishin Marking that he had previously imprinted to teleport (fly, jump).
However, the one who was there was his own former student, Uchiha Obito.

[All thoughts (feelings, hopes)]
His beloved own student had completely changed appearance; it was his own fault that he did not realise the true face underneath the mask on that day.
Cheering up Minato from his stupor (daze) is the one who had become a first-class shinobi and attained maturity his own son, Naruto.
Father and son join fists in tandem (together), opposing the ninja worlds menace.

"What you want to say is the same as my nagging mom, right?! I already know!" (Volume 67, Chapter 644; Episode 380, crunchyroll subtitles)
The thoughts of a father and mother poured in
Those definitely have been passed down to his son!!

Happy Birthday (Volume 72, Chapter 691)
A necessary parting due to being resurrected by unusual circumstances
To his son, he leaves behind a great present.

Former Master Jiraiya had bestowed unto Minato, (and now) Minato has bestowed unto his son, the Saviour.
The matured Naruto is a splendid embodiment which he got to see.
To the joy of his heart, a father grants his son with words.
In time with the first light of dawn, the words said as a father to his son, is his first ever birthday wish.

p. 185 - Fourth Mizukage
Yagura even as a kid had mastered his Bijuu and become a perfect Jinchuuriki, and had masterful(prodigious, can't stress this enough) battle skills. His pride is his giant club (the weapon he carries).

Also confirms that Obito's Douryoku was responsible for controlling Yagura, but I can't make out much on that line beyond that due to image quality, but I think it's just saying Tobi took control of the villages affairs through Yagura. Nothing about what Jutsu he used to control Yagura or how Yagura was freed from that Jutsu.

So yeah Yagura might be the greatest genius ever lol.

p. 189 - Mifune
So basically it just talks about how Mifune trained himself heavily and eventually his own body became like a Meitou (a legendary sword). Than it talks about how he is a great ruler of the Samurai and how he defeated Hanzo by piercing him with his faith via his meitou sword Kurosawa. Than talks about peace and all that garbage.

Nothing really there about Mifune's skills besides this:

Mifune's fast stroke of the sword, the shinobi's seals are bound exposing a chink in their armor (weak point), which is a godsend!! Mifune's Iai technique increases the speed of his slashes (is basically what it says).

p. 190 - Munashi Jinpachi
Member of the legendary Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, wielder of the explosive sword Shibuki.

He could freely control the double-edged sword wrapped in his captain's explosive tags, turning the battlefield into an explosive hell. The number of shinobi massacred, taken from within the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, meant these fearsome murdering sword skills are spoken of even now.

p. 205 - Rock Lee
ロック・リー - Rock Lee
Translations and clean up by me.

If you cant read the text:

The Springtime of youth that overflows with fighting spirit the one called the green beast of Konoha!!

In front of a man who made an important decision feeling sadness or pity would be an insult to him!!!

Effort does not betray people remarks like this can only be Lees. With the effort his sensei has instilled in him, Lee has grown to the level of a taijutsu master. But on the other hand there were both joys and sorrows the death of a friend, being shown the path towards ones self and his masters readiness coming to an end. He confronts the fate of shinobi with tears streaming down his cheeks. On countless occasions, even while injured, the sheer amount of tears increased the determination in his heart. So, the green beast overcame these trails and, with each, grew stronger.

⇧He even exposes himself in danger, and in the case of helping his friends, completely disregards risk.

⇧He trains his taijutsu with determination everyday. This ability is demonstrated sufficiently even when hes on the battlefield.


Ninja Registration Number: 12561
Birthday 27th November, Sagittarius (17)
Height: 170cm
Weight: 54.7kg
Blood type: A
Personality: Passionate, Likes Training

Even when Lee fights against formidable foes, he wears his leg weights. Regardless of the situation, his training continues.

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